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Why You Should See a Christian Marriage Counselor Rather Than a Secular Therapist

People seek Christian marriage help or secular therapy with the same goal of stopping a marriage from disintegrating or getting worse. Yet, the two methods are worlds apart from various perspectives, and so, a Christian has to be very careful not to pick the wrong remedy to save marriage.

Below are some of the reasons why Christian marriage counseling is preferred to secular teachings:

When you opt for Christian therapy, such as for assistance restoring a marriage after an affair, you’ll experience an extra perspective that secular therapy never provides. The Bible is the basis for Christian therapy, which endeavors to meticulously pinpoint areas of spiritual weakness in an individual who may be contravening scriptural guidelines and rules. The ultimate objective is to save marriage when the individual in question agrees to utilize Christian guidance and comply with the will of the Lord.

Christian counselors manage to achieve their objectives because they recognize an absolute standard that forms the basis for such goals and evaluation of the counselee’s way of life. They hold the scriptures as the truth and the basis for undoing a wrong, reprimanding, enlightening, and bringing an individual back to righteousness.

Such an unquestionable standard is not at a secular counselor’s disposal, who instead choose to harness up-to-date psychological doctrines and cultural customs, which never remain standard at all times and in all locations. As such, secular therapy does not usually provide absolutes that can help judge moral conduct and guide proper behavior.

Consider the case of adultery that’s almost leading to divorce. If you go to a secular expert for help saving your marriage, they might ask questions like, “how do you feel about it?”, or “what do you think your partner fees about it?” Of course, even a Christian therapist will need you evaluating those concerns. But how you go about with your marriage involves another party besides you and your partner, and as such, a counselor must also be asking, “do you think God is pleased with your actions?” A counselor who views God as important to keeping your marriage healthy will certainly be what you need here.

There’s also the important issue of prayer, which secular marriage philosophies do not emphasize. Prayers for marriage restoration are important to any spiritual therapy. You have a role to play, but you must also seek God’s empowerment and guidance as you strive to obey His commands and lead an upright life again, if that’s why your marriage is suffering. If the other spouse is the issue, prayers can help you demonstrate perseverance as you give your marriage a chance.

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